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John Lewis in the Lead: A Story of the Civil Rights Movement

John Lewis in the Lead: A Story of the Civil Rights Movement won the 2006 Carter G. Woodson Book Award, given by the American Library Association.

Selected Quotes from Reviews:

"The text is engaging as the authors detail Lewis's childhood in the segregated South and his growing activism and participation in nonviolent resistance. . . . Andrews's full-page, folk-art oil-and-fabric collage illustrations convey the sense of time and place, and the drama of the unfolding events.
School Library Journal

"In this handsome picture book for older readers, the authors blend information on Lewis' political contributions with the history of the civil rights struggle. Andrews' dramatic, folk-art-style, color-saturated illustrations combine handsome individual portraits of Lewis with overviews of the horrific street violence by mobs, police, and troopers. Without sensationalizing, this shows the bravery of the activists and the difficult fight they faced."